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“The lady can sing. 
She has a mellow, understated approach to her vocalizing, but it is her phrasing that most strongly impresses."
- Jersey Jazz by Joe Lang
Can't Get Out of this Mood_Beverley Chur
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"Beverley Church Hogan sings with warmth, deep understanding of the words that she interprets, and with quiet emotion."
   - L.A. Jazz Scene 
"Hogan not only has a rich, well-controlled voice, but also swings and sings with a great deal of nuance. She is, in the vernacular of the old day, as Real Jazz Chick, the kind of singer one would put in a category with Cheryl Bentyne or Maureen McGovern."
  - The Art Music Lounge 
Sweet Invitation Cover final.jpg

Vocalist BEVERLEY CHURCH HOGAN once again brings her smoky, affecting voice to a selection of romantic songs from the Great American Songbook.

Church Hogan is a storyteller, and she chose the songs on this album because of the imagery they evoke. Her forte is romantic ballads, which she approaches with elegance and sophistication. The arrangements by John Proulx, a popular singer, pianist, recording artist, and Grammy-winning composer, never overshadow her vocals, rather they set the stage for her sensitive interpretations.

Beverley Church Hogan vocals

John Proulx piano

Bob Sheppard sax

Grant Geissman guitar

Lyman Medeiros bass

Clayton Cameron drums

Dean Koba drums

Kevin Winard percussion

produced by Mark Winkler

arranged by John Proulx


“Sweet Invitation has the sweet smell of success. This singer really makes each number an invitation to let a listener reap the fruits of her loving labors exploring songs to find new shadings and points of view. Phrasing is excellent. Her crisp diction, discretion, and distinctively deep voice add to to the specialness and sophistication. And the arrangements are a big part of that.” the specialness." 

                                                          - Talkin' Broadway


“Church Hogan sings with that tranquility and experience that come with age -- without haste, with simplicity and beautiful phrasing. Her voice is soulful, and she approaches the songs with elegance, sensuality and sophistication.”

                                                              - The Jazz Room

“Beverley Church Hogan seems to love singing beautiful ballads, but I particularly enjoy her ‘swing’ side the best. You can tell she has lived these songs. There is a believability to her melodic storytelling and emotional feeling and honesty.

                                                           - Musical Memoirs

“Hogan applies her experienced voice to nine tunes. She possesses a natural swing that underscores her approach to the songs, and a relaxed way of phrasing that makes each lyric meaningful.  She may have waited many years to garner the attention that she deserves, but she done so spectacularly.”

                                                                      - Jersey Jazz

“One totally smoking package!”

                                                              - Midwest Record

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