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The word is out: Beverley Church Hogan's new album is all the press can talk about!

"On her new album, “Can’t Get Out of This Mood,” Church Hogan brings a calm expressiveness to romantic songs. Her medium-to-low register is flexible and easy to follow. She does justice to songs of love and longing, and brings to life jazz from another era."

- Dodie Miller-Gould, LEMONWIRE

"This is sophisticated, elegant music best appreciated free of distraction.  You’ll want to listen repeatedly to appreciate the many nuances. Beverley Church Hogan, now 84, wants to continue to sing into her nineties. Hopefully we won’t be waiting too long for her next album."

- Jim Hynes, Making a Scene Magazine

"Can’t Get Out of This Mood is the stellar recording debut of singer Beverly Church Hogan at 84 years young. The vocalist’s wonderful interpretation of a song is joined with the inventive arrangements of producer John Proulx." 

- The Jazz Page

"Most of these covers, everything from Sondheim's "Losing My Mind" to Sammy Kahn's "Time After Time," are played softly, slowly and with great care so that the silky sound of Hogan's voice can come through. It's amazing to just sit and listen to it, knowing that those years of life are still in evidence but coated with just enough honey to make you wonder if this is all really true."

- The Vinyl Anachronist

"The lush yet subtle arrangements by pianist and producer John Proulx (her longtime accompanist) allow her voice to take the spotlight as she emotes eloquently and poetically about the various stages, phases, winnings, losings and longings of love. Proulx’s magic as the sonic architect here includes letting soloists like Ron Stout (trumpet/flugelhorn), Graham Dechter (guitar) and Doug Webb (saxophone) color the moods with solos that both mirror and underscore the singer’s emotions almost as if they were true duet partners."

- The JW Vibe

"Beverley Church Hogan has a seasoned voice. It’s just chesty enough to add a pinch more emotion and affect between the lines. Low notes palpably breathe. Almost everything arrives round-edged. She sounds honest."

- Cabaret Scenes Magazine

"Singers seem to go on forever. Some, like vintage wine, improve with age. Others work on well past their sell-by date. Few, however, begin their recording career aged 83!

Bev Hogan did just that!"

- Bebop Spoken Here

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