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Vocalist BEVERLEY CHURCH HOGAN’s career was just on the verge of taking off when life decided it had different plans for her. But now, after a nearly 60-year detour, she’s finally releasing her debut CD, CAN’T GET OUT OF THIS MOOD.


Despite her age – she recorded the CD when she was 83 years old -- her smooth-as-silk vocals and ability to swing and render a lyric with great sensitivity remain undiminished.

“This vocalist draws me in like quick sand, pulling my attention gently away from everything except her vocals and the stories she tells. I can tell she is a seasoned veteran of selling songs and living life.The wisdom that accompanies a life well-lived is notable throughout this musical accomplishment.”
- Musical Memoirs


John Proulx  piano

Ron Stout  trumpet & flugel horn 

Graham Dechter  guitar 

Doug Webb  flute & tenor sax 

Lyman Medeiros  bass

Clayton Cameron  drums

Kevin Winard  percussion

All songs arranged by John Proulx, except
"Losing My Mind" arranged by John Proulx and
Beverley Church Hogan

Produced by John Proulx
Vocal Producer Barbara Brighton

“It’s a real treat to finally hear what we’d been missing all these years… A great jazz vocal date to start the year with.​”

- Midwest Record


“The lady can sing.  She has a mellow, understated approach to her vocalizing, but it is her phrasing that most strongly impresses… Hogan may have gotten a late start on her recording career, but that only means that she has a lot of catching up to do, and that is something to look forward to.”

- Jersey Jazz


“If you listen deeply, you will slowly realize that there’s no way Beverley could have brought the same keen “been there so many times” kind of storytelling to these songs had she recorded them years ago. Sometimes, when the musical stars aligns, the Universe has the kind of timing that will, to paraphrase one of the titles here, take your breath away.”

- JW Vibe


“The phrasing, the reading of the lyric could only come from someone who'd grown up with the GASbook as a second bible - the maturity shines through - age certainly hasn't withered her voice and I wondered what she must have sounded like and what would have happened if she'd signed up for that Capitol deal. As it is, this will do nicely, thank you very much.”

- Bebop Spoken Here

“Throughout Church Hogan’s debut album, listeners are struck by the idea that “Can’t Get Out of This Mood” is exactly that, a debut. Sure, by certain standards, it is 60 years too late, but most people who appreciate art understand that it doesn’t come with expiration dates. Most jazz fans will simply be glad that Church Hogan was able to see her dream come to life, and benefit a world of listeners in the process.”

- Lemonwire

“This is sophisticated, elegant music best appreciated free of distraction.  You’ll want to listen repeatedly to appreciate the many nuances. Beverley Church Hogan, now 84, wants to continue to sing into her nineties. Hopefully we won’t be waiting too long for her next album.”

- Making a Scene


“Beverley Church Hogan still sounds like she's at her peak, and it was a good idea for her to come back to the studio after that 60-year absence…. It's amazing to just sit and listen, knowing that those years of life are still in evidence but coated with just enough honey to make you wonder if this is all really true… the best is yet to come--and that will be truly a gift.”

- The Vinyl Anachronist


“Hogan proves that it is never too late to achieve one's goals and to achieve them with authority and grace.”

- All About Jazz


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